What Are The Consequences Of Violating A Probation?

files-1614223_640If you were given probation, your judge might have described what your probation period consists of. You may have been given certain rules to follow during the probation period such as meeting with a probation officer and refraining from alcohol and drugs during this period. These consequences may depend on several things including the seriousness of your violation and the nature of violation if you have previously violated probation. This article provides information on what are the results of violating your probation.

A probation officer can order you to do community service as a means of correcting your behavior. On the other hand, if your violation involved drugs or alcohol abuse, the officer can send you to a rehab center. If you refuse this order, you can end up in jail as a result. Another option is to order counseling services. If there is an emotional or mental reason for your probation violation, the officer will order counseling services. There are many types of probation violations that can land you in jail.

There are some instances where the probation officer thinks that the individual is not ready to re-enter society. Hence, the officer may extend the individual’s probation period. If the probation violation includes committing another crime, the individual will face new charges based on the type of crime. These are some of the consequences a person may have to face due to violations of his/her probation.

In conclusion, if your loved one was given probation, his or her judge will describe the terms of probation. The judge will give you certain rules to follow during this period. The above mentioned article provides information on What are the results of violating your probation. It helps you steer clear of any violations of probation.