Here’s What You Should Do If You’re Injured In A Car Accident By An Uninsured Motorist

Being injured in a car accident can be a traumatic experience and it can cause a lot of stress. Being injured in a car accident by an uninsured motorist is even worse. Here’s what to do if you’re injured at the hands of an uninsured motorist.

The first thing you want to do is get the contact information of the driver who hit you, even if you know they don’t have insurance. You want to gather basic info about the person, such as the info on their driver’s license, where they live and things of that nature. Once you have their information, you will want to give it to your insurer. If the uninsured driver refuses to give you information, then contact police and they will be able to assist you, but do your best to gather as much info as you can about the other driver.

Some insurers want you to give them a statement by the other driver, and the statement is supposed to say that they do not have insurance. Ask your insurance company if they require such a statement. If you do have to get a statement, then have the other driver supply you with it. If they don’t give you a statement, then don’t worry because there is something else you’ll be able to do.

When you have all of the information and the statement, then submit a claim. You want to get compensated for your vehicle and for your injuries. Unfortunately, your insurance company may not want to give you the compensation you deserve and they may not fight the uninsured driver for as much as they should, which leaves you being under-compensated.

Furthermore, your insurance company may argue that you were partly to blame for the accident and your injuries or argue the extent of your injuries. This may lead to them trying to reduce your compensation. If the insurance company reduces your compensation, then don’t accept it and if they offer you a settlement, then don’t accept it right away because you want to contact a personal injury attorney.

Finally, contact a personal injury attorney because they will help you get the compensation you deserve, either from your own insurance company or from the uninsured driver, if the attorney can determine they are capable of compensating you. If you didn’t get a statement and/or the other driver’s information, then a good attorney can help you get those things. They can build a strong case for you, which will increase your chances of getting the full compensation your attorney believes is due to you. Just make sure you take the time to find a good lawyer with an excellent track record.

That is what you do if you are injured in a car accident by a driver that doesn’t have insurance. If you don’t feel comfortable doing some of the above things, then make sure you definitely get yourself a personal injury attorney. Doing this will make things a lot easier on yourself. For more information, you might want to consult the following video: