Why a Secure Client Portal is Your Firm’s Biggest Selling Point

As a legal professional, your ability to perform for and correspond with your clients lies at the heart of your business. After all, in many cases, clients are literally leaving their livelihoods in your hands. Giving them the opportunity to communicate with you in the safest and most efficient manner possible is likely one of the greatest privileges you can offer.

There is certainly the tried-and-true voicemail system that gives you an unmanageable list of audio messages. Not only that, this limits access between you and whomever may be trying to reach you. Work-related phone services aren’t exactly convenient for keeping in touch with clients in the wee hours of the morning if it becomes necessary.

While writing e-mails is certainly an efficient method of communication in the modern age and the advent of world-connecting technology, is it really the safest method? There are many documents in the world that people fear will fall into the wrong hands, and as is often the case with many inventions, the rise of modern technology has given way to cyber criminals and exploitable holes they can find in unprotected networking. Critical documents such as bank statements, business correspondence and even legal information are generally at the mercy of hackers through private e-mail servers. This sort of exposure threatens the security of your clients and, potentially, their long-term emotional investment in you as a company.

Luckily, technology and innovation have caught up to your needs as an efficient legal professional. With cloud-based portals such as Zola Suite’s Caseway, your clients can feel more secure about their exchange of sensitive information with you knowing that you are utilizing bank-level encryption, the same technology that protects financial institutions and even some government agencies. Using cloud-based systems will also lend itself to easier portable communication, making you as a professional more accessible to your clients in times of need that may occur outside of normal business hours. At critical junctures in their cases, being able to connect and communicate with your clients on the fly could very well be a considerable difference maker in your functionality as a legal representative.

With such high-level encryption technology protecting communication with your clients, some portals have even utilized this same technology to protect financial transactions. As is the case with communication, being able to send and receive payments to and from necessary parties is critical in business dealings. And there is little that is more secure and efficient than instant and wireless transactions. It certainly sounds preferable to sending a paper check in the mail, doesn’t it?

As a legal services provider, you want to take extra care to ensure the security of your clients and their sensitive personal information. Combining the speed and efficiency of standard e-mail with electronic security that rivals high-level business grants the potential for the best of both worlds to your clients. So, while your competitors are potentially risking their clients’ personal information via phone or e-mail, utilizing such client portals will make you more readily accessible as a professional in the immediate and short run while maintaining the confidence in privacy and security for your clients over a long-term period.

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