Ten Common Construction Site Accidents

Being a construction worker is an extremely dangerous job. In 2010 the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that due to construction site accidents, there were 774 deaths, this accounted for 18% of all fatalities which took place on the job that year. Statistics also show that four out of every one hundred construction workers are injured non-fatally on a yearly basis while on the job.

Here are ten of the most common construction site accidents:

1. Falls from Scaffolding or High Heights

Oftentimes construction workers are required to work at very high heights, on ladders and scaffolding, on roofs an in windows, etc. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that these account for 34% of all fatalities of construction workers while on site.

2. Slips and Falls

From a simple stray tool or materials to holes or uneven ground, there are quite a few hazards found on construction sites which could cause a dangerous trip, slip or fall.

3. Electrocutions

Being as a construction sites is a work in progress, oftentimes there is exposed power lines, wiring and electrical system which are not finished. If someone comes in contact with these it could lead to shock or electrocution.

4. Falling Objects, Materials, or Debris

When it comes to project that are multiple level, it is common for building materials, tools, or beams to fall and strike workers below.

5. Becoming Caught In-Between Material or Objects

A construction site is packed with materials, tools and heavy machinery. Oftentimes workers end up getting caught in between machinery, immovable objects or fallen debris.

6. Fires and Explosions

Due to leaking gases, unfinished piping, electrical systems that are incomplete, a common occurrence on a construction site are fires and explosions.

7. Overexertion

Hours of hard labor which often take place in condition in extreme heat or humanity can case a worker to overexert himself and fall victim to a heat stroke.

8. Machinery Accidents

A lot of heavy machinery is used by construction workers throughout their day of work. Form bulldozers, cranes, nail guns, and jack hammers, an accident or mistake with these tools is very dangerous.

9. Being Hit by a Vehicle

Many time construction sites are located adjacent to or near highways and roads. Many times a drive may be distracted by the work and if the driver is not paying attention or if it is dark, a construction worker could end up being hit by a passing truck or vehicle.

10. Trench Collapses

On construction sites, oftentimes trenches are a necessity. If a trench were to collapse with a worker inside, it could cause then to be hit with machinery, tools or other materials, it could also bury them with the surrounding dirt.

Unfortunately when a construction worker is injured, not only is there health and livelihood affected, put it also cause a difficult time for their family. On the job injuries may lead to expensive treatments and medical bills, it could also lead to lost earning ability and income if the victim must stay away from work due to the injury. This is why practicing safety at a construction site is crucial.