Advanced Weapons Foiled Over Targets – March 1943

There is a good deal of frustration around the Headquarters of the Army Air Forces’ 8th Air Force today. In recent classified briefings senior commanders were informed that the German defense forces are employing a new technology to degrade the accuracy of the fabled Norden bomb sight. Recent attacks over targets in Germany have been met with large scale use of smoke to obscure the targets. According to sources, this may place the entire US bombing strategy in danger of failure. "We can’t hit what we can’t see.", said one senior officer close to HQ 8th AF. The official spokesman for US forces in England declined to directly address any questions about the enemies use of smoke as a target obscurant.

LTC Bill Jones did state, "Our strategy of destruction of German industry from the air remains unchanged. The Army Air Forces have overcome many problems in the past six months but our commanders, pilots and crews remain confident that they will be able to deliver a knock out blow."

In a related story, President Roosevelt, in a speech at Andrews Field re-iterated his commitment to produce 100,000 airplanes for the war effort in 1943.


Moral of the story: For every defensive measure, there is an offensive counter measure.

Sometimes I think we are living in a bizzaro dimension. Does anyone really expect Iraq to stand up to the full fury of a US attack? Are there really people out there who believe that Saddam Hussein does not have prohibited weapons? It’s almost like a novel, where the reader has to willingly suspend disbelief just to read the story. (NB: As I’m writing this Fox just announced that the XVIII Airborne Corps and 1st Corps Support Command have received deployment orders. No details, but the XVIII consists of the 82d Airborne, 101st Airborne (Air Assault) and supporting elements. In 1991 it also included the French 6th Light Division, the 24th Infantry and the 3d ACR.)

Any way the point I wanted to make was this: even if the Iraqis have GPS jammers how much of an impact will this have on operations? I think it’s just another hurdle to overcome.

As I’ve said in the past I think logistical support of our ground forces is a much bigger challenge. As is arranging the use and support of Turkey.

  1. Unless their supply is unlimited, they can not blanket the country. There will be gaps not covered.
  2. As jammers, these boxes broadcast a signal that can be tracked back to the emitter.
  3. Our JDAM kits have an internal inertial navigation default mode to allow for signal loss.
  4. Laser guided bombs are not effected by these jammers.

I’m also starting to suspect two thins.

  1. We have definite proof of Iraqi duplicity in the form of pictures, samples and perhaps defectors that prove unquestionably the existence of banned weapons.
  2. The first action of the campaign might turn out to be a large scale raid on an Iraqi WMD storage dump. If one exists that is remote enough, you might see an occupation including members of the press just to reinforce our point. Assuming the right target exists this would also force Hussein to respond with military force, which ideally could be destroyed out in the open.