Are GOP Attorney Generals Taking Revenge On Biden?

The months leading up to the November election and those subsequent saw dozens upon dozens of lawsuits lodged against Republican interests. Most were successful. Republicans had their fair share of election lawsuits, too, but most were unsuccessful. Now, it seems Republican state Attorney Generals might be poised to take revenge on the new president. Fox News reported that the fledgling administration was the subject of at least 20 lawsuits in the first 100 days.

This could be troublesome for Biden’s administration — not because any of the lawsuits have real merit, but because it might not matter. He could theoretically lose important cases in court simply because of the overwhelming number of new federal judges that Trump was allowed to appoint by the then Republican-led Senate.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is suing Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, alleging that a provision in the most recent COVID-19 stimulus legislation bans state tax cuts (you might think that Republicans would be completely fine with such a provision, were it the least bit true). Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing the administration for regulations concerning illegal immigrant deportations. A group of GOP-controlled states wants the Keystone XL Pipeline permit reinstated. The list goes on. 

Eight of the twenty lawsuits have been spearheaded by one state: Texas.

Surprisingly, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn’t happy with the decision to cancel the pipeline either. But not everyone in Canada agreed, and Trudeau has been silent for months.

Director of the Canada Project at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) said, “There’s just no room for countries like Canada and the US to be investing in the expansion of additional fossil fuel reserves.”

Others are asking why the fight for the pipeline is important in the first place. The states suing the Biden administration say it’s for the economy — but demand for the pipeline has declined a great deal in the last decade. 

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt complained to Fox News: “Joe Biden campaigned as a moderate but has ruled as a radical progressive, pursuing policies that are detrimental to our economy, border security, religious liberty, and jobs.”

Certainly, that would be a problem for Democrats were it true. But alas, the voters have already given Joe surprisingly strong marks on his response to COVID-19 and the economy, which is experiencing one of the strongest periods of growth and stock market booms in recent memory. What is the argument, really?

Certainly, the number of lawsuits against the Biden administration is on pace to surpass those filed against the Obama administration from 2009 until 2017 (78 multistate lawsuits), but will they surpass those filed against the four-year Trump administration? His received a whopping 156 multistate lawsuits. Joe’s enemies have a way to go. Visit website here for information on the impact on jobs over the first 100 days. The new administration wants more oversight on background check practices, which might meet some opposition as well.