Common Signs Of Abuse In A Nursing Home

If you have a loved one that is staying in a nursing home, you need to know the signs of abuse. Nursing home staff may be doing things when you’re not there that hurt your family member. Knowing what is happening is good for your peace of mind and the person’s health that is being cared for.

If there are bruises and other marks in places that they are not normal, then they may be due to abuse and not necessarily due to an accident. There are some older people that will try to fight getting medications and things of that nature, especially if they have dementia. But signs of a slight struggle are a lot different than bruises that are under the clothes and in a lot of spots you don’t normally see them in. Try to talk with the person about the abuse if they are able to talk, because they may let you know what happened.

Are there a lot of visits to the hospital or is their health declining? Someone that was doing okay until you put them into a home may have been getting abused. You don’t need to do much to find out if this is the case, just look at how their health has been compromised and see if it’s due to any disease or problem they were having. Some diseases can make the mind a lot slower or can make someone think they are being abused, so speaking with the staff and looking into the medical side of things before making accusations.

When you need someone to help you legally to make sure that everything is fixed and your loved one can be put into a better home, you need a lawyer that is familiar with nursing home abuse laws in your state. This is because it’s very complicated to get help if you are not cautious. For instance, if you are reading online about how to get your loved one out of a bad situation, the information may not be up to date. That, or it could be flat out wrong and that’s why legal pros are a better idea to get information from.

Nursing homes are sometimes known for being abusive to their clients. You can find out if this is the case by looking for reviews on them. Generally, after abuse is noticed, the place won’t stay open for much longer as they get investigated. It’s really important that you are on top of doing your research regularly if you are in charge of someone’s nursing home care. Don’t just ignore issues and hope they go away because it could lead to injuries or death for the person that has to live in that situation now.

It’s not good to let the nursing home abuse go unnoticed. Since there are a lot of places you can take someone, it’s up to you to get them away from the abuse. Tell the authorities if you have to and get the person out of that situation if there are any signs of abuse.