Do You Believe in Miracles?

So often here we write about bad news, about mis-handled affairs and morons trying their best to turn this Country into a bunch of weenies like most of Europe is.

For once I’d like to share something special with the readers.

Most any law enforcement agent will tell you that in an abduction the first 24 to 72 hours are the best chance to recover the victim alive. After a week, though it’s seldom said to the press, law enforcement generally believes they are searching for a body.

So after roughly 168 hours they feel that the chances drop and continue to fall rapidly each day after.

So you would expect that after more than 6,048 hours the chances would be about the same as being struck by lightening while standing on the Moon. So what do you call it if it does happen?

Nothing short of a miracle in my book

Elizabeth Smart after being abducted 9 months ago was reunited with her family yesterday. She seems to be physically well and remarkably well adjusted after her traumatic experience.

It will no doubt be some time before she is over this event and even longer, if ever, before we know everything that happened to her.

But for right now I thank God for the blessing he’s given to the Smart Family.

Perhaps the World at large should take note of this event which by all odds should have turned out differently. Perhaps we should remember that in faith there is always hope.