How To Build A New Legal Practice In 2021

The road to building a new law firm is changing due to the novel coronavirus pandemic that has gripped our communities for the last twelve months. There are new decisions to make: Should you go for a traditional brick and mortar practice, or should you devote your energy to building the best virtual firm you can. People are becoming accustomed to interacting with professionals online. Maybe this is the time to invest in a new paradigm!

Virtual firms offer a range of freedom that brick and mortar firms do not. The latter often requires a set schedule for office hours in order to allow potential new clients to come and go as they please. The former allows lawyers to take and schedule appointments whenever they like, often from the comfort of home while they sit in pajamas. 

As with most firms, virtual offices often make extensive use of contacts and referrals. Virtual firms can’t handle the same time of work that brick and mortar firms can — and vice versa — so it’s important to work in concert with one another to increase productivity on behalf of clients.

Those are the basic rules of a virtual firm. The interesting thing is this: most legal work has always been done online. This will continue into the foreseeable future. For example, attracting local clients usually occurs when they seek out professional legal help online — and that means having a great website can boost interaction. Blogs, podcasts, and social media are all important methods of garnering interest for your firm’s abilities. When beginning a new practice from the ground up, it’s essential to set up these networking capabilities immediately. Get on LinkedIn and chat with your colleagues! 

Especially early on, it’s important to request testimonials or reviews from clients who you believe had a good experience. You can even use these interactions to request information on what improvements might be made in the future.