What Is A Land Use Zoning Attorney’s Job?

A Land Use and Zoning Attorney’s job is to advise in regards to real estate development. This will include zoning laws, building ordinances as well as construction permits and other land use ordinances.

It can be very challenging to navigate the various contracts for a building project. A land use attorney will guide you through every step of the way and ensure that the right permits are being filed and applied for at all times.

Clientele for this job may include public and private clients and many will limit their practice to commercial or private practice. There are many matters to consider in this job.

Attorney’s must understand real estate law as well as the regulations and requirements for all permits and environmental issues. There are also governmental contracts and construction laws to stay on top of.

Many real estate agencies employ a land use zoning attorney to avoid any legal conflicts during the process of selling a home.

Other services will be to construction companies who must file permits and other details for proper construction sites.

They will work closely with real estate agencies, courts of law, title companies, and other agencies as required.

Regardless of whether or not you’re a homeowner, a business owner or a property developer you can benefit from the use of a land use attorney. They can assist you in challenging a municipality’s zoning regulations and help you to procure the proper permits and information in regards to many details if you’re remodeling or constructing a house or business.

They can assist you in determining a zoning law or changing one if need be and everything in between. As a property owner, it’s your right to use your property as you desire, however, sometimes this requires a specialized permit in order to gain access to your property as you want.

The land use attorney can assist you in this process. Sometimes there are restrictions that don’t allow for easements or rights of way and the land use attorney can help to navigate these waters in a court of law and ensure that the best interest of the homeowner or business owner is being tended to.

Sometimes the waters are murky regarding an easement or right of way and the land use attorney can research and find out a way to navigate these waters as well.

Oftentimes it’s just a matter of making small changes and filing these in a court to ensure that everyone is happy. The task of the land use attorney is to review plans and ensure that everything is in compliance with the local zoning regulations and laws and if not, find a way to make it so.

Time will be spent reviewing legal issues, presenting cases to court and researching zoning laws and streets to see what changes may be made to ensure safety and compliance.

Many prefer to work only for major developers while others prefer to work in the private sector and with private homeowners.