Why Are Motorcycle Accidents More Difficult To Settle

action-2178691_640Speak to anyone who writes a motorcycle and they will tell you there’s nothing better than hitting the open road. But the sense of freedom that comes along with riding a motorcycle also leaves the rider more vulnerable. And it’s this vulnerability that makes settling these types of cases more difficult according to a motorcycle accident lawyer. In fact, there are three main reasons as to why many personal injury lawyers find it difficult to take on motorcycle accident claims.

First and foremost,  there is a negative stigma against many motorcyclists.  Not everyone who rides motorcycles comes off the set of the hit movie Easy Rider. This stereotype that al l motorcyclists are “bikers” is wrong. Many juries, as well as insurance companies, think that motorcyclists are of the male persuasion and should be “tough”. Many people also harbor resentment because motorcycle rides sometimes have the tendency to break the law by weaving in and out of cars during traffic jams.

The second reason that these cases are more difficult is the nature of the injuries involved. While car accidents can be deadly, motorcycle rides are more exposed and vulnerable causing even greater injuries. These injure are so complex that insurance companies feel that they shouldn’t be responsible for the risk that motorcycle riders take when choosing to operate such a vehicle.

The third reason is that it’s very difficult to establish liability in a motorcycle accident because most of the time the other party involved will blame the motorcycle driver. They either didn’t see or hear the motorcycle. Insurance companies will pay the bare minimum if they are not sure who is actually responsible for the accident.

Insurance companies will not offer a high settlement amount for the aforementioned reasons. If you were riding your motorcycle and were involved in an accident due to the negligence of a third party, then you have the right to seek a higher settlement from the insurance company. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to perform an investigation to establish who is liable for the accident. They also will interview witnesses, hire forensic experts to analyze skid marks and other traffic situations and fight for you to seek maximum compensation.