For pondered on New York Times

Welcome to a bit of real life. I assure you that you will enjoy yourself greatly but only if you allow yourself the hereto self-denied luxury of objective and, even more significant, pragmatic reasoning. You should listen to your own advice once in a while (but, hey, that would be too much to ask of an obviously liberal hypocrite, wouldn’t it?)

It is not always true that when New York Times polls show you results that are contrary to your naïve beliefs, they are the result of manipulation by Hillary’s "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy". Actually, my guess is that the 47% of Americans that you mention is only the result of some rather sophisticated misrepresentation by that liberal feminine protection rag. This misinformation, by the way, comes to all you useful idiots by way of loaded questionnaires managed by [spit, spit] The New York Times (Oh, how I love to hear liberals curse themselves…).

And yet, even an unabashed lying rag like the New York Times was unable to hide that very telling 47%. Hummmm…imagine THAT. Well, if we apply the leftist liars formula I would conservatively (pun) estimate that about…oh…97% of Americans agree that Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and other Muslim theocracies of the Middle Ages/Middle East were indeed responsible for 9/11. And, furthermore, that they did so by providing one of the following aids: shelter, tactical support, financial support, moral support, personnel, or cover.

NOTE: When I speak of Americans, by the way, you must understand that I speak of real Americans, not of supporters of anything and anybody that comes down the pike to act or move against America. Hence the 97% read I give it augmented by my personal attitude that says: "who the hell cares about the others anyway?"

So, to be clear: No. You are not my compatriot, you are not a fellow American and you are not my peer. You are an Internationalist, a liberal and, probably a socialist, all of which, in my very biased opinion, of course, rounds up your useful yet idiotic stance rather well.

But, let’s continue…

I am rather tired of listening to the liberal chant of what Bush’s intentions are or are not so to refresh the air I will respond as follows:

I am not a leftist so, therefore, I am not swayed by Bush’s intentions so much as by his demonstrated acts and, even though I am, actually unconvinced that all the real human reasons for this war have been presented to us, a political impossibility at best. I am quite content to wait for the final resolution before I judge his "intentions".

Therefore, while, I have never mastered the liberal art of adjudicating "evil intentions" to anyone who disagrees with my "righteous intentions" agenda, I do strive to remain real-world, focused and objective less I fall pray to charmers like you who make a living out of scaring little un-American children with the evil intentions of the right wing bogy-man.

You see, I am neither a liberal hypocrite nor a liberal moron, and both of those traits are needed to look into a man’s soul with the abandon that liberals seem to do this nowadays.


On the other hand, that particular inability of mine might, in fact, be rather helpful to you and to your team of anti-Americans because I will not deem to ask you what "evil intentions" might lie behind your opposition to the US dethroning this tyrant and killer of innocents. No, no, no, I am not talking about Sadam’s "intentions" to be a tyrant or a killer of innocents so you must pay extra close attention to what I might be saying. I am talking, instead, about Sadam’s real world actions, the actions that have been amply documented for history’s shame and even photographed for your viewing pleasure.

Also, I will not ask you why you might oppose a more democratic form of government for that hideous region you apparently like so much.

Or why you might be opposed to the opinion of 18 European governments that are in total and complete agreement with the US as opposed to the liberal ass-licking that is given to the three or four that aren’t.

GEOGRAPHY LESSON: China, although a communist state much preferred by Clinton’s liberals to be sure, is not part of Europe and neither is Mexico another socialist country that survives, largely, on tortillas, guacamole and envy. I just thought you’d like to know that…

I will not ask you, either, why you are so opposed to stopping terror by terror’s tool of choice nor why you side against the only true defense that liberty and freedom has left in the world. Far be it for me to suggest that our immediate demise is, really, what you seek and what you and yours hope for since the total annihilation of our culture and of our way of life is what would give you the easier path to power and to our enslavement.

Well, beware, Jimmy Boy. That scary 47% is ready and willing to kick you back into the unfortunate womb that birthed you and in doing so, it will take ample pleasure in seeing you and your ilk disappear once and for always from this non-millenarian and very real world of courage, sacrifice and individual freedoms.

Despot? You obviously don’t know the meaning of the word, Jimmy Boy, and, what’s more, God willing, you will never get the chance to taste it either.