Do You Have To Take A Breathalyzer Test?

When you get pulled over, should you try taking a breathalyzer if you are told to? A lot of the time, it’s better to say no but it really depends on the situation. If you didn’t drink much or just want to figure out your options, read here.

When you are given a test, then you are basically consenting to them doing it to get you in trouble. Their job is to make money and to arrest people, so a lot of the time the tests they do are set up to make you fail. One issue with a lot of drug and alcohol testing procedures is that you’re basically guilty no matter what you do. If you haven’t been drinking, or even if you have, as long as you are cool and calm you generally should not do the test.

They make a lot of the testing for people that were drinking very difficult to do. If they tell you, for instance, to walk heel to toe in a straight line, know that this isn’t easy to do for a lot of people that are sober. Another common tactic is to make you say the alphabet backwards all the way. It may work for some, but for you it may make you look like you’re drunk even if you are not so it’s best to tell them you don’t consent to testing.

What do you do if you get arrested and they are trying to force you to take a test there? If it’s legal for them to take your blood or anything else, you may be lucky by that time and have most of the alcohol out of your system. Your goal is to try to get as sober as possible, especially if you are right at the limit. The longer you can make it take them to get you to the county jail, the better off you should be. However, if you actually are drunk then you should call a lawyer ASAP and try to just stay quiet.

What if you are on medication that makes you seem like you are a little drunk? If you take anything for any reason, make sure that you have proof of it and that you’re not taking anything that’s against the law to drive on. You may just be able to get out of a bad situation if you talk about how you’re having an issue with your medication. If possible, before you say anything, consult with your lawyer and don’t give the police much until you do so they don’t have a reason to do anything.

The best thing to do when you are pulled over is to do whatever your attorney says to do. You may want to contact them now to find out what the choices are you have if you ever plan to have a few beers because even if you’re not drunk you can get thrown in jail.