The Battle Continues Apace

What’s wrong with your strategy, General? Why hasn’t Saddam Hussein surrendered yet? Why are we taking causalities?

You have to admit, being a model Major General these days is tough business. There would be a whole set of new skills applicable if you were to make an Operetta in today’s climate. Patience, vocal inflections, tolerance, PowerPoint flipping, etc.

To answer the questioners (note all of which are far from enemy lines), one has merely to state the obvious; we have so denuded our fighting force under the Clinton Administration that we HAD to by pass several way points that, in retrospect, should have had the daylights bombed out of them.

For those not familiar with strategic planning over the last 10-12 years, we were suppose to maintain the war fighting capability to sustain two medium scale conflicts in the world simultaneously. That vision is still part of the national strategic plan.

But if my memory serves me correctly, our country lost the equivalent of 8 standing Divisions from Army, 20 Air Force and Navy Air Wings, 230+ strategic bombers, 4 Aircraft Carriers, 121 surface combat ships and submarines and the support bases, shipyards and logistical assets to sustain these forces. All in all, about 700,000 regular active duty personnel and 300,000 reserve troops were told they weren’t needed anymore.

Apparently, most of the Generals who are on the media firing line have been reluctant to state this. It could be that these persons are so indebted to the previous administration for their promotions over that administrations tenure that they cannot bring themselves to criticize it in any way.

The protesters are bothering me as well. Although I wasn’t happy with the Bosnia bombing and the Haiti invasion, I figured, probably like most conservatives, best to keep one’s mouth shut when our troops are in an active conflict. Time to criticize would come later. Apparently the left knows no such restraint. I’ve seen some young punks on TV claiming that they are "not-proud to be Americans these days". Is it at all possible to send them to Iraq to live among the people for a while? What they need is a dose of reality.

I started to say something about the Army’s new "Stryker" program. But that’s enough for this posting.