There have been a number of people worrying about offending the Muslim world

Some suggest we should not move against the Iraqis because our offense would be met with a unified resistance.

Back in the ’80s, when Beirut was a hotbed of Islamic thugs, the locals made a mistake. They kidnapped and killed a Russian businessman.

Some weeks later the top thug received a package. As an aside, I remind the readers that women may not go into Allah’s presence, hence not into ‘Heaven’. Included in that category are Eunuchs. The package that was delivered consisted of the very private parts of a cousin of the bossman. The sender of the package was openly identified as the KGB.

The KGB recognized that before communication could occur, they would need to establish a language that the locals clearly understood. The Capo di tuti Capi understood that his cousin would not be going to Heaven, and recognized the clear message that he, too, might not be allowed to enter.

That one message, clearly sent and clearly understood, was all that was necessary. Never again was an unfriendly eye cast toward any Russian in all of Lebanon.

We might also keep a kind thought to General Pershing’s response to Muslim insurgents in the Philippines, early in the 20th Century. His somewhat Politically Incorrect methods were remembered for more than 50 years, and the Muslims posed no threat during those years.

I submit, therefore, that far from risking a Unified Islamic Front, a good slapping around of Iraq would be a message they are most likely to comprehend. The attitude in that part of the world appears to be that it is properly the right of the stronger to expect good behavior of the weaker, but only so long as the stronger is prepared to maintain good order.

Good order, in this case, means to slap the snot out of them, and repeat as often as needed. This, they understand. Proper communications are required.

My son seems to understand the situation, although perhaps he would speak more forcefully than needed, when he suggests we should, "Nuke ’em till they glow, then shoot ’em in the dark."

The State Department declares we could not behave is such barbarous a fashion, lest the French take offense. We all admire the French, whose integrity and loyalty are surpassed only by their military prowess. On the other hand, both the Germans and the Russians speak dialects of the same language as the Arabs, so they would understand, even if they pretend otherwise.

I suggest that the Diplomats of the State Department will never go to Heaven, they will never make the French happy, and should not command much attention.